“Biology, Neurology, and Gender Neutral Bathrooms”

There has been a lot of talk about the issues surrounding gender identity, from President Trump’s twitter declaration that transgender service members will be banned, to the 2016 “Bathroom Bill” passed in North Carolina, which says people must use the bathroom that matches their “biological sex at birth”.

Though the now infamous bathroom bill has since been repealed, there is still a lot to be done to ensure everyone is seeing equal rights under the law.  Luckily, science has a lot to say about the gender binary that laws like this try to enforce.

Two of the teachers on the QueerEd team have their endorsements in Biology and took the Bathroom Bill to task, pointing out that intersex people, current trends in Neurology, and nearly the entire animal kingdom, make terms like “biological sex” useless.  There’s a lot to dive into, and you can see the full Prezi, “Biology, Neurology, and Gender Neutral Bathrooms” here.