About Us

QueerEd was started by a group of pre-service teachers in Oregon who saw a need to share resources and create community for LGBTQ teachers, students, and allies.    This site is designed to help queer teachers, students, and their parents, and to be a place to highlight our collective experiences.  This website is founded on the principles of intersectional feminism,  but we realize that we can’t speak for the myriad experiences that people have every day.  In order to reduce this erasure of experience, we have included a diverse group of teachers to create this site, and we have created multiple opportunities for others to share their stories.  If you don’t come from a queer/feminist background, but wish to be an ally, please check out the case studies and reflections posted on our website. This will help give you a better sense of what it takes to be an ally in the classroom.

***Please feel free to submit your own reflections, testimonials, and/or materials using the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzSyHJcsJ8OWZjZXeTNIbzVoNGs